Company Profile

Founded in 1992, Albartex is the FIRST and the biggest company operating in outdoor advertising. Albartex stands as a partner which assist with creative ideas, and a well-organized professional staff. Albartex aims on fulfilling the needs in outdoor advertising by being always a step ahead. This is achieved: - Due to a continuous change and transformation into the most flexible and responsible of all advertising platforms. - Placing its products always on high impact locations which are strategically arranged throughout the market. Albartex has reached 70% of the outdoor advertising market. Our billboards cover the whole territory including: - Nacional roads - All Albania’s biggest cities - Ports - Border points - Airports

Why outdoor advertising?

- 24-hr visibility.

- Advertise your brand with high efficiency and low cost.

- Outdoor advertising help to memorize your brand to the consumer.

- Creates an immediate impact of your advertising campaign compared to conventional advertising.

- Creates presence, flexibility and your business reputation in the market compared to competitors.

- Outdoor advertising is a way of communication which you can see it everywhere and cannot avoid.